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From Out of Africa to the Trail of Tears and the Colorado Migration

The Stroud Family Colorado website chronicles the inspiring and historic African- and Native- American achievements of the pioneering Stroud family.

I’m Frank Shines, descendant of Kimball Dolphus (K.D.) and Lulu Magee Stroud. My grandfather was Tandy Stroud (son of Kimball and Lulu) and my mother was Vanessa Juanita Stroud (Tandy’s daughter) who married my father, Franklin Pierce Shines, Sr. in San Francisco, California in 1961.

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K.D. Stroud’s family trucking business success led to photo ops for local newspapers, circa late 1920s


Researchers, led by Max Planck Institute geneticist Cosimo Posth, reported their ground-breaking findings on human migration in a famous DNA study which was published in the journal Cell. Drawing upon DNA analysis, the team traced the first modern human migration out of Africa and across six continents about 60,000 years ago. Then 25,000 years ago a group of humans living in Siberia crossed a small land mass into Alaska and migrated south into Canada and the rest of the Americas. Among those first Americans were my family’s ancestors of the Creek Nation (Muscogee) and the Tawakoni (today’s Wichita and Affiliated Tribes) arriving in the Americas about 17,000 to 14,000 years ago. Our African lineage originates in the regions of Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Sudan. Our European heritage is British, Irish, Scandinavian and French.

Stroud Family Colorado DNA. Based on my 23andMe.com ancestral DNA timeline, our first African ancestors arrived on slave ships in the American colonies (pre-USA) circa 1690-1720. Later, my 23andMe.com ancestral profile shows the first entrance of Scandinavian, French DNA (Carrie Boulduc) into our gene pool about 1720-1820. Then in the 1810-1870 time period (Trail of Tears and Emancipation Proclamation) British-Irish DNA appears, which explains the Stroud family name. Mandred Stroud was a Texas slave owner — and the grandfather of my great grandfather, K.D. Stroud.

I devote a chapter of my recently published book, Let in But Left Out: Leadership, Faith & Knowledge in the Age  of AI, Coronavirus & Fake News, Coronavirus & Fake News, to chronicling the history and accomplishments of the Stroud Family


Stroud Family Colorado Book

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We can trace our family history back to French Canadian, Indigenous tribes of Canada and the Irish Magees who became freemen (formerly enslaved) for supporting the fight against the British during the Revolutionary War. One of those freeman was Lulu’s uncle, Rev. James H. Magee, statesman, abolitionist and author of Night of Affliction and Morning of Recovery: An Autobiography, published in 1873.

stroud family colorado john h magee author night of affliction

Later, we see the connection with British slave owner Mandred (who was one of six children born to Ethan and Beden Stroud), as noted in award-winning author Marry Ellen Snodgrass’ book, Settlers of the American West: The Lives of 231 Notable Pioneers. Mandred Stroud and his mixed-race Tawakoni son, Louis Stroud, moved K.D. Stroud, his mother and siblings to Indian Territory due to taxes of carpetbaggers and Texas discrimination against blacks circa 1880s.

Louis was my great, great grandfather. He married Kymbal, a slave whose parents were from Ghana. Louis’ son, Kimball (K.D.), later married Lulu Magee of the Creek Nation. Their fifth child, Tandy, was my grandfather. K.D. and Lulu were the parents of eleven brilliant children. Those eleven Stroud siblings and their progeny are the subject of this site.


Stroud Family Colorado DNA

In 1831, “Creek Indian Nation” ancestors of Lulu Magee marched the tragic Trail of Tears, in which 60,000 to 100,000 Native Americans were forcibly evicted from millions of acres of their homeland in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. Kimball D. Stroud and Lulu Magee married in the “Indian Territory” (now Oklahoma) and later moved to Colorado Springs circa 1909-1910 where they raised eleven (11) children.

Jenny Magee Michaltree, Lulu’s sister, was a clairvoyant and traveling circus performer who assisted the Strouds during their move to Colorado.

Jenny Magee Michaeltree

Jenny Magee Michaeltree, Lulu’s sister


Lulu’s daughter Lu Lu (Stroud) Pollard is shown below. Lu Lu Pollard Park is named in her honor for her work work in public service and as an historical curator.


Lulu Magee Stroud

Photo of Lulu (Stroud) Pollard as a child.


Most of the children attended college, with six graduating. Effie and brother Kelly Dolphus were the first recipients of Henry Sachs’ Sachs Foundation (established in honor of his African American chauffeur and African American housemaid who nursed him to health following a near-death experience with tuberculosis). Founded in 1931, the foundation continues its 89 year history of “Providing College Scholarships to Black and African-American High School Students From Colorado.”

Coming full circle, the Stroud family is proud to be ambassadors (Stroud descendants Juanita Martin and Connie Loury) to the Stroud Scholars program, which “honors the legacy of two of the earliest African-American students to graduate from Colorado College, siblings Kelly Dolphus Stroud ’31 and Effie Stroud Frazier ’31, who persevered through discrimination yet excelled in education and in their lives.”

Children of Rev. K.D. and Mrs. Lulu Magee Stroud includes: Effie, Nina, Kimbal, Ida, Rosa, Lu Lu, Albert, Tandy, Dolphus, Jack, Bobby. Lu Lu (Stroud) Pollard was the family historian and much of her work is curated at the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. The Lu Lu Pollard Park is named in her honor and she published the book, Retirement Black and White: A Helpful Guide to Useful and Satisfying Retirement for Minority Group Workers.

My uncle Welvin (son of Tandy Stroud) interviews my great aunt Nina, who tells the Stroud family Colorado history…


Dr. Barbara Stroud with Teen Daughter



K.D. Stroud Tombstone

Rev. Kimball (KD) Stroud – Minister and Professor

Rev. Kimball (KD) Stroud – Entrepreneur, Minister and Langston University Grad

Lulu Stroud Tombstone

Lulu Magee Stroud

Lulu (Magee) Stroud – Creek Nation, Socialite


Stroud Family Home Restoration

Carl Bourgeios, grandson of K.D. and Lulu is a Colorado architect and real estate developer who restored the historic Hagerman family home at 944 N. Walnut St. in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Stroud lived two blocks away and were friends of the wealthy Hagermans. Carl is the founder of Denver-based firm Civil Technology, Inc. The full story on Carl and this restoration penned by Kenyon Jordan, can be found on Westside Pioneer.



Brief History of the Stroud Family Colorado

The Stroud Family Colorado, has a rich history of achievement, dating back to the Revolutionary War, Emancipation Proclamation, the Trail of Tears (began in early 1830s) and the family’s migration from the Oklahoma Territory to Colorado. Later generations migrated to California, Illinois and many other US states.
In 1909, Kimbal Stroud and his Creek Nation wife, Lulu Magee, migrated from an Indian reservation in the Oklahoma Territory to Colorado Springs, Colorado. There the couple raised eleven children, seven of which graduated from college, thanks to their top high school academic performance and a Sachs scholarship founded by Henry Sachs, a Colorado Jewish businessman. Now 89 years old, the Sachs Foundation lives on today due to the success of its initial scholarship recipients — Effie and Dolphus being the first two.


Current Stroud Family Successes

Progeny of the Strouds (Stroud, Brooks, DeDeaux, Nelson, Bourgeoise, Shines, Martin, Pellerin, Loury, to name a few) continues to excel in many professions, such as ownerships in architectural firms, art and music, media production, real estate, hi-tech, telecommunications, the wine industry, psychology, publishing, training and consulting.

  • Business (Black Beat Productions, WJYS TV 62, Civil Technology, Hi-Tech and Executive positions with IBM, Oracle and Ernst & Young; BlackVines.net, Lean6SigmaOTG.com, SeduireIntl.com, CustomBulkUSB.com)
  • Art and Music (Juanita Martin, Poet, Performer, Singer,  TV and video production; Yvonne’s Piano – Yvonne Faddis Stroud; Linda Dee Martin, Artist, Author; Johnny Shines: Grammy Award Nominee, Delta Blues),
  • Sports & Military (Juanita Martin, U.S. Navy, Yeoman, 2nd Class, USAFA Employee; April Nelson, U.S. Army Vet; Frank Shines, U.S. Air Force, Capt & MVP NCAA Div I Gymnastics; Billy Goffman; Alfred Stroud; Leslie Turner; Melvin Charles “Chucky” Turner; Rachel Shines: Nationally Ranked Gymnast)


Stroud Interviews Connie and Nina




troud Family Colorado Yvonne Faddis Stroud

Yvonne Faddis Stroud. Sister of Jazz Legend, Jon Faddis


Stroud Family Colorado Juanita Martin Performer

Juanita (Stroud) Martin, Artist, Poet, Daughter of Dolphus


stroud family colorado dr barbara stroud

Dr. Barbara Stroud


Stroud Family Colorado Carl Bourgeois Civil Technology

Carl Bourgeois, grandson of K.D. Stroud


Stroud Family at Stroud Scholars Reception Colorado College, Dec 2019


troud Family Colorado Frank Shines

Frank Shines, MBA, Capt (USAF, Ret), Biz & Tech Consultant, Grandson of Tandy Stroud


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